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With the wide-ranging business shutdowns due to the coronavirus, we wanted to provide a free resource to help you quickly move your brick-and-mortar store online.

Whether you're a retailer, call-out, or service provider, we can help you future-proof your company and make the most of this situation.


For years, the team at Cube Online has been helping thousands of companies take their business online and showing them how to thrive in a digital world. In the wake of the Coronavirus, and the devastation it’s caused for Australian businesses, we’ve committed to sharing these proven digital strategies and some of our internal processes with any business owner for free. 

We’ve condensed our most useful and compelling resources which we’ve built over the years to help you weather the storms of recession, make smart moves when others are acting out of fear, build your business to take advantage of digital trends, and focus your marketing and business structure so that you not only survive online, but thrive! 


Due to Covid-19, we’ve been coaching our clients about how to manage their digital strategies in such a volatile environment, and it’d be fair to say these meetings have ranged from ‘panicky’ and ‘disaster recovery mode’ to being excited about the opportunities brought by the change and keen to learn how they can use this to come out on top after it’s over.


Over the years we’ve seen big disruptions from changing tech and evolving market needs, but this has been by far the largest and fastest scale disruption to community and business we’ve ever seen. The need to transition online has suddenly become a lot more urgent and important, as pretty much nothing is business as usual. We’ve seen the biggest disruption to life and business in history. 

As the saying goes, ‘A tree that doesn’t bend in a storm will break’ is a true idiom for the current COVID-19 crisis. Everyone is impacted in some way and are experiencing varying degrees of pain and vulnerability. Some of the industries hardest hit by this crisis are the ones where there is the most opportunity. 

Good news

There’s a lot of bad news around, but the good news is that it’s also a unique opportunity that comes maybe once in a lifetime for your business. There is a lot to be gained if we stay focused on the opportunities and the future instead of getting too caught up in the fear and negativity circulating in the media. After all, it was during the 2009 GFC that some of the world’s leading companies were born, including the likes of Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, Dropbox, Slack, Kickstarter, and Stripe. 

Times are uncertain and we’re doing everything we can to offer guidance to any businesses all around Australia. We will be constantly adding to this guide, and adapting it as we build our Bricks to Clicks service. As you can imagine, the paid service we provide to our clients includes much more than what is contained in this guide, so if you would like to have a team of digital experts on your side, and get us to do the hard work for you, get in touch for a free 30-minute consultation.   


Learn the story behind Bricks to Clicks

For our founder, the story behind Bricks to Clicks is a personal one. In the first week of Australia's coronavirus lockdown, his dad's small business lost all of their foot traffic. Find out how Tony helped his dad pivot his business online. 

How has the market changed?

As we all know, foot traffic to physical stores have bottomed out since the virus hit, and for most retail stores this has led to huge cost-cutting, layoffs, and even closures. They have especially cut marketing budgets, and they just hope and pray that we go back to normal soon. However, online use has surged across many channels - in some cases up to 60% higher. As the traffic moves from offline to online, many companies have been caught with their pants down, and they are forced to make panicked decisions, which means there’s a distinct lack of strategy. 

The thing is, even before the lockdowns and social distancing, we know that the customer journey usually starts online, and in the 21st century it is essential for almost all businesses to have online strategies and functionality. Whether it’s simply advertising to boost your sales, retention and retargeting, being found online, or if you could benefit from a full e-commerce website, now is the time to take the plunge and discover the many benefits for your business online - it’s never been more important than now!  

Faster than ever

In our world of disruption, the speed at which changes happen is getting faster, and the time companies have to adapt is getting shorter. When the horse and cart industry was disrupted by the car industry, it didn't happen overnight. It took decades. But when the film-camera industry changed to digital cameras, it didn't take decades it took years. But when the hotel, taxi, and music industries were disrupted by Uber, Airbnb, Spotify... it didn't take years, it took months. We're living in a period of history where you must be agile and fast-moving in to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. This is as much an opportunity as it is a challenge. Bigger and more established business tend to be slower moving and less flexible, so it is easy to take the lead and predict the future. With this massive transition online, you have the opportunity to quickly own the space and create new avenues of business.    

Solve problems before they become problems

This rapid transition online is likely to create a new normal of digital services and online functionality for many industries. Many have been reluctant to go online, but now that they must, it’s likely we won’t ever fully go back to how it was. There will be short term and long term impacts on consumer behaviour, but it is evident from previous periods of upheaval that new behaviour tends to stick.

In short, the pronounced contraction in physical retail means mega growth online. This indicates a huge opportunity in how retailers can invest in optimising their online and instore relationships. We want to help you future-proof your business to adapt to this change. We want to teach you how to make the most of the coronavirus downtime and come out swinging on the other side. 


“While doors are closing, we're opening windows”

― Tony Van-Eyk

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