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Get more customers with Google’s messaging tool

A simple 3-step strategy

Google Messenger is a free tool that lets customers get in touch with you in real-time. 


When you activate it, you open up new opportunities for customers to reach you while they’re on the go, right at the moment they’re looking for answers. 


Here’s a video showing you exactly what to do.


Using Google’s messaging feature is a huge advantage because of a growing trend called conversational marketing. 


Today, customers want to reach a business through different channels and get their questions answered, fast. When customers see you’re responsive and willing to help, they’re much more likely to purchase. 


Activate Google Messages inside your business profile


To get started, log into your Google Business Profile.


On the left-hand menu, you’ll find the “Messages” options. Click on it, and then select ”Turn on messages and quote requests” in the middle of your screen.


Simple 2-step messaging strategy


Step 1. Keep it friendly but focussed


Customers may send you a long-winded message. But they don’t want one back from the business. Keep the conversation friendly, and focus on answering their questions clearly and simply. 


Step 2. Give customers the option to take the conversation off Google 


If you need personal or sensitive information from the customer, it’s best to take the conversation offline. Google takes customer privacy very seriously.


Step 3. Pick one person to check it regularly 


Before you enable Google’s messaging features, you’ll want to have someone in charge of checking it. 


If you get a lot of customer messages and don’t respond to them, Google can penalise you by taking the direct messaging function option off your business listing. 


When you consistently respond to customers, Google rewards you with a premium badge that lets you stand out from your competitors. 


You achieve a ‘business badge’ when you respond to customers


Businesses who respond to customers fast get a special badge from Google that says:

  • Usually responds in a few minutes
  • Usually responds in a few hours
  • Usually responds in a day
  • Usually responds in a few days


Customers love to know when they’ll be getting a reply from your business. So the faster you reply to them, the more attractive your business looks over your competitors.