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Get actionable insights from customer feedback

Send customised and low-friction automated surveys to continually evolve your customer experience and uncover trends and learnings about your audience.

What's important to your customers?

Get real-time feedback from surveys that get a response, not an eye roll. Built into the customer journey, and designed to be convenient and conversations, Pulse Surveys give you the ability to collect feedback and listen to VoC via text message.

“Switching to text-based surveys instantly improved our results. Within 6 weeks, we saw a 20-point increase in our NPS.”

Hard data. Easy learnings.

Our Athena AI makes the feedback organized and actionable so that you can identify areas for improvement, stack-rank your locations, and turn negative feedback into opportunities for growth with support tickets automatically pushed to the right people.


Turn responses into reviews and referrals

Cube's surveys help you ask for reviews at the right time and take the effort out of asking - giving you the option to add referral and review requests at the end of every survey. Automatically get increased review volume, boosted online reputation, and a steady flow of qualified leads — all driven by your happy customers.

Customer experience is paramount for all our employees. These surveys help us tweak our strategic plan. Without the software there was no way to act on feedback.”

Powerful surveys in seconds

Your teams can easily create custom survey types, segment by audience, automate requests based on pre-defined triggers, and send them through text, email, or messaging apps.


Normalize your feedback

Multi-touch, omnichannel, and normalized, Experience Score is the all-in-one metric for capturing VoC and measuring customer experience. Turn surveys, text, chat, and more into signals to inform how you reach your customers.

Cube's surveys provides the in-the-moment insights you need to delight your customers. Our Experience Marketing Platform provides the rest of the tools — helping you attract new leads using happy customers and amplify your growth, automatically.

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