Working with what you got

There are a huge number of things you can to do both market your business in the current environment or (if that’s not possible for you based on your industry) to ensure you are in the best possible position when this is all over. Here are 5 things you can do in your business using your existing resources while spending little to no money.

5 Points in 5 minutes

Customer data: 
In a recent post by Tom Panos, who is a well-known real estate coach and motivational speaker he spoke about the concept of turning your database from fat to fit. I thought this was a great analogy to think about improving the quality of your database. So, what can you do to improve your current database? If you don’t have a database you could start with a free version of Hubspot or simply an excel spreadsheet or Google sheets.

Segmenting data:
The more specific your data is the more valuable it will be. You can segment data based on things such as purchase/product type, industry, location, lead origin, age and last purchase/contact date. Although it might be time-consuming to start once it’s done it's done!

Remove old data:
Depending on how long you have had your business and how much data you have obtained you might have some old, low-quality data to remove. There are a few ways of doing this. Firstly, you could pick up the phone and chat with current and past clients to see, how they are, what their current situation is, and if that situation is still relevant to your business. Secondly, you could send out a large email communication piece and look for people who have email addresses that bounce.

SMS campaign:
SMS marketing is one of the most effective and low-cost ways of reaching your customers. With 98% open rate and costs as low as 7c per SMS you should certainly see how you can use it. Perhaps you have launched a new product or service or adjusted your operating hours and simply want to say hello. We use SMS Global at Cube Online and Twilio is another good company to look at.

Adding Value: 
You are an expert in your chosen field and your customers will appreciate your expertise. There are so many different and creative ways you can add value to your customers and ensure when this is all over your business is top of mind. Here are a few examples for you to consider; email campaigns, webinars, Facebook lives, instruction/teaching manuals, Zoom meetings


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