Why we don’t ever talk to you about ranking

If you ran a shoe store, here’s how you’d think about ranking vs visibility… 

Ranking is how attractive your shop front looks.


Visibility is how many people actually walk into your store. 


You can’t measure how your shop front looks. But you can measure the exact number of people that walked into your store. 


Ranking on Google looks and feels good. But ultimately, it’s a vanity metric. 


So when you ignore ranking and place your focus on visibility, you have a metric that directly influences your bottom line. 


Here’s why we don't talk about ranking…


Ranking constantly changes based on everything from the location of the searcher to their device type and even previous search history. 


Two people can complete the same search on Google and get different results, who is right? The answer is both and neither. 


Visibility on the other hand is a black and white metric that measures exactly how many people are both viewing your business online and interacting with it. 


Visibility measures your success


The only reliable metric to show how your business is performing online is – visibility.


Visibility tells you what percentage of customers decided to:


  • View your Profile
  • Visit your website
  • Call your business
  • Click on directions to your business
  • Discovery searches


Simply put, visibility is how often you show up on Google Maps when customers type your keywords.


With your online visibility analytics, you’ll see the percentage increase on key interactions your business receives from customers on Google Maps. 


Your Cube platform specialises in raising your visibility, because… 


The more visible you are, the more customers choose your business over time. It’s a proven way to drive local leads to your business more consistently. 


And that’s why we don’t talk about rankings. 

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