What every stage of your funnel should say

Here’s what your review funnel looks like.


1) Review request → 2) Landing page → 3) Review submitted ✔️


In this fast-paced article, we’ll show you what every stage of your funnel should say.


Why is this important? Because it’s crucial to have clear info that helps customers move through your funnel and submit their review. 


Without clear info, customers drop out of the funnel and you don’t receive their review.


 Here are some real-world examples, proven to move customers through your entire funnel. 


1. What your SMS should say


Your SMS and Email should be clear and personal. 


You want to specify that you are requesting a Google review. Remind customers how much you would appreciate it and sign off the SMS/Email with your first name instead of the company name. 


Here’s an example of an SMS requesting a review:


Hi James, We hope you enjoyed visiting Whole Foods in Newtown. We’d really appreciate a Google review about your experience. All feedback helps our service improve, and gives new customers valuable information. You can leave a review using the link below.


(Your review link here)


Thanks for choosing us! 


Kimberly, Store Manager 


2. What your email should say


You have a little more room to build out your message on email. 


Here’s and example of an email message to get more reviews:


Hi James,


Thanks for choosing our Whole Foods store Newtown. I’d like to personally invite you to share your experience.


We would really appreciate you leaving a review on Google or Facebook. It only takes a moment and would mean the world to us.


Your feedback not only helps us, it greatly helps other customers. 


Please leave your review here: (your review URL)


Thank you for your business and support!


3. What your landing page should say 


Your landing page is where a customer goes after clicking on your SMS/Email/QR code. 


A common issue is that customers don't follow through to Google or Facebook after clicking the 5 stars. 


To combat this, tell customers what to do next on your landing page.


Here’s an example:


“After you click 5 stars, you will be promoted to Google/Facebook please make sure you follow through to leave a public review.”


This may sound simple but it makes a big difference. 

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