#9 Creative ways to use QR codes to generate more reviews

1. Stick it on the back of your phone


Having your QR code on your phone means it’s always on you. So, the next time you’re in conversation with a customer, you can send them straight to your review page. 


2. Have a sign at the reception desk


Placing QR codes at the reception desk lets everyone who comes into your office see it. People are so familiar with checking in, they’ll often scan your QR code out of curiosity. 


3. Add them to your business card


Your business card is a great reminder. The fact that it’s physical means people tend to keep it in their wallet or purse, or they pass it around to friends who might be looking for businesses who can help them. 


Having a QR code right on your business card gives customers a direct line of communication with your business, and lets them review you in minutes. 


4. Pamphlets and marketing materials


Anything that you print to promote your businesses is prime real estate for your QR Code. 


5. Stick it on your vehicle


Have a business vehicle? It’s already an advertisement for your services, so why not add a QR code to the front or back to let people who are interested find out more?


6. Place it on contracts and key paperwork


Customers keep important paperwork, whether that’s on hand or in their inbox. Add your QR code to documents easily so customers can jump on your webpage in seconds.


7. Add it to your email signatures


The average professional sends and receives around 125 business emails per day. What better way to gently remind customers to leave a review, than placing your QR code right where they can see it in your emails. 


This can be done easily with your Email Signature Widget.


8. Outside signage


QR codes right outside your building can be a good reminder to leave a review, right when a customer is satisfied and getting on with their day. 


9. Embed it in tables


Do you have a business waiting room? Are there any tables where customers can relax and wait to be served?


Stick a QR code right on the table. Usually when people are waiting, they busy themselves on their mobile phone. Let them scan into your reviews landing page, and take a few minutes to leave a review.

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