Our top 5 free apps for businesses

Sometimes in business, the best apps are free! From managing your data and tracking projects to video conferencing – there’s a free platform for almost anything business related. Here, the team at Cube Online Australia shares some of our favourite platforms that are designed to save time and increase productivity.

1. Evernote

Forget the old-fashioned to-do list and get yourself Evernote – it’s a nifty platform that keeps you organised and on track without pen and paper. Save meeting notes, web pages, articles, and PDFs all from your phone, tablet or desktop. And, here are some other reasons why we rate this app: you can share your content with team members and it integrates with other cool apps like Google Drive, Slack and Outlook.

2. Monday.com

We like this free platform because it’s clever, easy to use and it’s multipurpose – the software has been designed to track your leads, manage your sales pipeline and plan a project all from the one place.

3. Zoom

If your business needs to virtually meet with clients or catch up with remote employees, then this app ideal. Not only does Zoom provide clear audio and video conferencing, but you can also instantly screen share with individuals or a group. Like most apps, the platform offers the option to access all the bells and whistles, but we think the free plan will do the job just fine.

4. Slack

When you need to communicate and collaborate with your team, clients, vendors and partners get Slack – it’s a place where you can bring everyone together to get work done. So, what’s one standout feature we like? Slack integrates with a variety of other app services – just think Dropbox, Google Drive and Zoom – the options are endless.

5. Dropbox

Share documents and files securely, anytime, anywhere, with Dropbox! We love using the app on our mobile devices and via our desktops because our files sync instantly and with the basic free version you get 2 gigabytes of storage for free!

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