Our PR guru shares tips on how to handle not-so-flattering reviews

So, it’s happened – you’ve opened your Cube Online account and noticed that someone posted a not-so-flattering review of your company on Google. Not only are you disheartened from what you’ve read, but you’re also concerned about how this will affect your brand’s online reputation.

It’s a known fact that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, so protecting and managing your brand’s online reputation should be a top priority. Here, Cube Online Australia's PR guru shares these tips to help you deal with negative reviews.

1. Assess the situation

Whether a negative review is genuine or written by an imposter, either way, if ignored they can potentially damage your brand’s online reputation. That’s why it’s important that you assess the comments, try to determine if it’s authentic and then take appropriate action.

Do you remember a customer that may have had a negative experience or perhaps a patron who expressed their disappointment? All businesses can improve in some way or another, so if the comments are real, consider how you can rectify the issue. However, if you suspect that the review is spam or may contain prohibited or restricted content there are some things you can do – read on…

2. Respond

Now that you’ve carried out your own investigation, perhaps consider responding to the comments (genuine or fake) – it’s an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive and shows other potential customers that your business is concerned and taking appropriate action.

We think it’s a good idea to avoid open discussions in public forums, especially if you are responding to a sensitive topic. Instead reply briefly to the post and request alternative ways to communicate such as offering to discuss via email. If you do happen to turn your customer’s experience into a positive one, request that they update their review!

Regardless of the type of review, always be professional and communicate in a helpful tone of voice. Read Google My Business’s tips to craft the perfect response.

3. Flag it

If you believe that the review violates Google’s posting guidelines flag it by clicking on the three-dot menu icon and selecting Flag as inappropriate. You will need to justify to Google why you think the post should be removed so refer to their guidelines on prohibited or restricted content first. Once you’ve flagged the post via your Google My Business Account, you’ll get a response normally within three days.

So, if you do happen to stumble across a not-so-flattering review, don’t ignore it – take action. It’s imperative to your business’s online reputation. Remember to assess the situation, consider the appropriate action, and should you need to – flag it!

Want to know how Cube Online Australia can help boost your business’s online presence? Get in touch with one of our awesome customer service representatives today.

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