Meet our online marketing expert Tim Elman

Meet Tim Elman he’s part of the team at Cube Online. Officially, Tim’s title is New Business Development Manager but around the office, he’s better known as ‘the guru’. You see, not only is Tim incredibly knowledgeable about digital marketing, as we’ve found out he’s also very talented in the kitchen – it’s one of his many passions and he considers himself to be a bit of a ‘foodie’.

We managed to get five minutes with him (yes, he’s very busy) to discuss his job and some of the ways he helps our customers’ businesses.
Describe your role at Cube Online Australia.
I spend most of my day talking to business owners about the many different ways we can help their brands succeed online, including using our digital marketing tools and providing advice that complements their business objectives.
Another part of my role is ensuring the Cube Online Team is up to date with the latest industry trends. This is something I really enjoy – I love to learn and pass on my knowledge to everyone.
What advice would you give to your customers about digital marketing?
First of all – in this day and age your business needs to be online. Most people use smartphones to search for things on the go, so if your business doesn’t have a digital presence, then how are your customers going to find you?
Secondly, when it comes to spending money on digital advertising, make sure you do a number of tests first, so you can understand who your audience is and the best ways they respond to your messages.
How did you kick off your career in the tech space?
One of the first jobs I had many years ago was working as a sales consultant for an IT company. I had absolutely no idea about anything digital – I couldn’t even tell you what a domain name was at the time! Once I started learning, I realised how interesting the industry was and how much I actually really loved it – I finally found what I was awesome at.
It’s taken a lot of time and dedication to learn and grow my knowledge and skills in the tech space. Because the industry is moving at such a fast rate, I find that I am still learning new things daily.
What are some of the recent changes have you seen in the tech space and how have they impacted businesses?
Voice search technology is a big one. More and more people are using it to search online for things or get directions to places. Businesses need to ensure that their SEO is optimized so they appear in potential customers’ search results. This is something Cube Online Australia is actively working on with our customers.
How do you start your working day?
I either walk to work or catch a bus to the office. Once I arrive I make sure I have a coffee and then I look at my to-do list and start work!
How do you like to spend your free time?
I love cooking – curry is a favourite and I also cure meats. The team have tried some of the food I have made, and the feedback was great!
What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?
I recently got engaged!
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