6 reasons why SMS marketing is great for business

Did you know that consumers check their mobile phones on average 50 times per day and that one out of three customers make purchases from their smart devices? There’s no doubt that mobile marketing brings immense opportunities to businesses.

At Cube Online, we’ve recognised the power of SMS marketing and how it strengthens other online marketing activities companies do – that’s why we include bulk SMS marketing with Cube Reviews. So, if your business is thinking about including mobile marketing in your 2019 strategy, here are six great reasons why we think you should.

1. Grow loyal customers

SMS marketing is a simple way to engage and grow a loyal customer base. One way you can do this is by offering your customers exclusive deals such as a discount code – perfect for enhancing their customer experience and making them feel valued!

2. It’s direct

Because you can only send 160 characters within a text message, your communication must be straight to the point! Ideal for customers who are on the go!

3. It integrates with other channels

SMS marketing integrates with and strengthens other communication activities that your business may already be doing or plan to do (think social media posts and email campaigns). By reiterating your brand’s key messages across multiple platforms, you can reach more people.

4. Great return on investment

When compared to other traditional forms of marketing, SMS really is an inexpensive way to communicate directly to a large audience. Because your customers must opt-in to receive your communication, they’re already interested in your brand, which is all part of the sales process.

5. Higher rates of engagement

You want to be able to communicate with as many of your customers as possible – so considering that the average open rate for SMS is 98% and for email it’s just 20%, we think the stats speak for themselves.

6. Easy to track and analyse

SMS marketing is simple to track and analyse – you can see how many of your customers have opened a message or clicked on a link at any stage of the campaign, allowing you to assess its effectiveness and make improvements along the way. Want to know how Cube Online can help boost your business’s online presence? Get in touch with one of our awesome customer service representatives today.

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