5 FREE marketing tools to make your business shine online

Small businesses need to be resourceful to stay afloat, and with smaller budgets, often, the solution is managing things yourself. Of course, deciding which key components to outsource can be half the challenge. If you’re thinking about handling your brand’s digital marketing, you’re going to need to right tools and know-how to do it – this will save you a lot of time! There are so many free online platforms that can make your business shine online and in this blog Cube Online point out five of them:

1. Google Analytics
This free tool is a must for any business – it provides powerful insights into your website. From where your web traffic is coming from to the most viewed pages or products, knowing this vital information can help you understand what is working and where you need to improve so you can make more informed business decisions and adjust your strategy accordingly. 
2. Test your mobile speed 
With over 52.2 per cent of customers surfing the net from their mobile devices, it’s important that your site is speedy – most websites lose half their visitors while loading! Retain your online customers by improving your site’s speed with this free tool, Test My Site provided by Google. All you need to do it pop in your website URL and an email address and within minutes you will receive a detail report.  
3. HubSpot’s free marketing tools
This is a clever platform that can help your business convert traffic from your website into leads! The software has everything you need to attract, engage, organise and nurture leads and customers! 
4. Create a plan
Business owners are always looking for tips and tricks to learn and save time – we think this business hack will do both! This free template will easily help you understand how integrated digital marketing plans can work for your business – from the structure of the plan to tactics you can use to boost your brand.
5. Free stock photos
Professional stock images can bring your online marketing collateral to life, and there’s an abundance of websites that offer licenced photography for free! Unsplash, Dreamstime, and Shutterstock are just some of the sites. But, before you start using any images, we suggest checking their licencing agreements for commercial use.
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