3 practical tips to generate more reviews

Implementing just one of these proven tips will increase your review responses. 

Here they are all 3 below, with examples… 


1. Get personal

The best way to request a review is in-person. We’ve found 9 out of 10 customers are happy to assist and say “Yes” when you ask them face to face.

You can do this by requesting reviews directly from your mobile device with the magic link. 

The custom QR code we’ve created for you also lets you take customers straight to your review page. 

Tip: Some clients stick their QR code to the back of their phone so customers can scan onto their review page during a face to face interaction.

The next best thing is to add personalisation to your review requests. 

It makes a big difference. Especially when 72% of customers admit they won’t engage with messages that aren’t personalised.

We’ve already set up personalisation tags in your email and SMS templates. 

This transforms your review request from…“Hi there” to “Hi Theresa.”

However, you can add even more personality around your product and service-specific offers to make your review requests more impactful. 

(Just make sure you don’t edit the personalisation tags, and only edit content around them). 

Even something as simple as signing off your request from a staff member can do wonders. 


First, lets see what a generic review request typically looks like:



Here’s what a personalised one looks like. 



See the difference?


2. Pick a ‘Chief Reviews Officer’ in your business


Businesses who get the most reviews have a clear strategy and a consistent approach – and they achieve that by having one key person overseeing the process. 

We encourage you to pick a marketing-savvy person in your business to manage your review requests, monitor your results and make sure everyone is onboard with your review strategy.


3. Reach out to your database of past customers


A lot of customers only send reviews to new customers. But one of the best ways to generate reviews when you’re starting out is by reaching out to past customers. 

If you’ve collected a database of customers over the years, the Cube Reviews platform allows you to upload them in bulk, and reach out to all of them and ask for reviews. 

Jump into your Cube Reviews platform and start using these practical tips today!


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